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ebay is being stupid


..because it’s going to ban negative seller views. They’re taking away the ability to leave negative feedback about someone which, to me, is one of the best things about eBay. Not that I particularly enjoy leaving comments of that type, but surely they’re core to one of the best things about eBay – user ratings.

Clearly, the system as it stands isn’t perfect. I’ve been tainted with some unjustified negative feedback before and it’s frustrating to think that future buyers opinions of my trustiness will be affected by that but fuck it, I’ve got a 98% rating and I’m happy to let the buyers make their own mind up. Similarly I like being able to read feedback (both + and -) about sellers before I decide to place a bid on something. Buying from someone with 100% positive feedback isn’t a guarantee that you wont be done over and nor is it a definite that someone with no feedback at all will be trying to fleece you BUT they’re actually fairly reliable indicators and generally, I think the system works. Or at least, I think it works better than what eBay are proposing to introduce as a replacement.

Who comes up with these ideas? Madness! You’d’ve thought that with all the free time eBay employees have (because let’s face it, they do fuck all. Ever tried to get in touch with their customer ‘service’? Not happening.) that they could come up with a better solution to the feedback ‘problem’ they have.

p.s. Like what I’ve done with the image here? ‘stupid-bay’? Get it? Clever innit. :)

In other random eBay news. Feel free to buy me this. It’s awful, and I’d never buy it for myself but I’ll happily accept it as a gift :)

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