find 815

Dharma Polar Bear Collar

Just when you think that Lost couldn’t get any more confusing, they go and introduce new characters with potential ghost-talking abilities and multiple future-past-present-future flashforwardback things. Oh, and the bones of a polar bear wearing a Dharma collar in the Tunusian desert. Brilliant.

There’s all sorts of mental, overly complex theories out there but all I want to know is – what is the monster?! When Locke asked Ben that very question in episode 2 of the new series, I almost thought we’d get an answer. But no. That’d be too easy. Actually, there’s tonnes of things that still need answering but I won’t dwell on those; instead, I’ll rejoice in the revelation of how the plane wreckage was found in the ocean. They touched upon on it in the show with some news footage, but for the full story take a look at Find 815 (or if you’ve not got the time to unravel the events yourself, click here for an overview). It’s another nice accompaniment to the main tv series which answers a few things but also creates even more mysteries. Worth a look if you’re a fan of the show :)

The extent to which the makers of Lost go in order to support/add to the story never ceases to amaze me. The amount of work they put into things like The Lost Experience is uber-impressive and while there’s a part of me that just wishes they would concentrate on answering things within the show, I definitely appreciate the extra legwork that goes into creating the whole ‘Lost-universe’. Cross-platform immersive narrative-ness at it’s best.

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