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gta iv IS ny

I’m still playing GTA IV a fair bit. I’ve got 64% complete which isn’t bad considering I’ve not actually gone overboard with the hours playing it.. Haven’t really delved into the online play yet because I’m saving it until I’ve at least completed the main story missions (I’m on the last one). There’s a slight concern that I’ll get bored after finishing the main missions but I suppose I can always do it again but make all the different decisions. Fun fun fun. Not to mention I’m looking forward to actually just roaming the city doing random stuff – which leads me to this post here.

I stumbled on this flickr set called ‘Sightseeing in Liberty City‘ which does a great job at highlighting the level of detail R* put into recreating New York for the game. It’s ridiculous. Makes me yearn even more for a trip to the Big Apple. I’ll get there sooner rather than later. Til then I’ll stay rocking the threadless tee. Anyway, look at the flickr set. It’s good.

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