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high school musical.. the musical

high school musical

I’m not sure if I really should admit this but I went to see High School Musical Live at the Hammersmith Apollo last weekend. And it was fun. There. I’ve said it. So what(?) If I say that it had some breakdancing in it does that make it better?

I really don’t think I’m the target demographic for something like that, and based on a quick scan of the audience there, I’d be about 95% right. However, there were a handful of other people like us who presumably were just there because it seemed like an entertaining way to spend a Saturday night that would have otherwise probably descended into watching the X-Factor or more Olympics.

My point for coming out with this (no homo) is just to say that despite the kiddie-centric theme of the show, it deserves kudos for being an incredibly slick operation. I’ve been to tonnes of other theatre based entertainment forms but few that were put together so seamlessly with so much going on. It was no Illyria but still, mad props (literally and figuratively). I suppose that’s what you expect from a massively-invested-in international smash hit Disney thing. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much energy some people have; jumping and singing and smiling like a loon must really take it out of you.

So yeah, it was fun. It goes on a vaguely national tour soon I think so if you’re comfortable with your sexuality, go and see it. Oh, and it’s got Letitia Dean in it. Superstar. What more could you want?!

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