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Interactive Art Director

If you’ve never heard of Hyper Island, then I question your commitment toward being the source of all knowledge regarding Swedish design schools. However, if that’s not a aim of yours, then fair enough.

But really though, you should know about Hyper Island (and their illustrious graduates). As a incredibly small example of how cool it would be to attend there – their building is an old prison. I find that cool :)

They’ve recently unveiled a new course packed to the brim with things that are undoubtedly going to produce another wave of stupidly talented interactive media professionals. Following a cursory glance of their website, it sounds like the course that I’d jump at if I had the chance and someone else would fund my mortgage for the duration. It’s crazy stupid dope (that’s good). The website has been done by some current students. It says it all. Oh to be young again ;)

Have a look: IAD:08

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