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illustrated horror film posters


I really wish I could draw. Like really. If I could, I’d spend all day everyday drawing things like this. Except it probably wouldn’t be my job, and no-one does illustrated posters anymore so I’d have to make up the films. Stuff like “Revenge Of The Badger Lord – He Came From The Undergrowth To Take You To HELL!!!” or “The Creature With Poor Eyesight But An Insatiable Hunger For Blood. And Death! Lots Of Death!!” and they’d be awesome. But as it is, drawing things by hand is not my strong point, so I’ll just admire these from afar.

They’re taken from a couple of posts simply entitled 100 Illustrated Horror Film Posters Part 1 and Part 2 (you might be able to see where I stole this post title from) and as a whole suite, they’re a fairly impressive collection. Some of the films are well known (Jaws, Dawn of the Dead), others sound mental and make me want to see them (The Giant Leeches, Fiend Without a Face) but all of them are worth a look.

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