live and in full effect (xbox)

Halo 3 Multiplayer

I rarely have time to play games online these days but when I do, it’s uberfun and always make me wish I was a student again, without a job and with broadband. And then after getting slaughtered several times in a row, I’m glad that I actually have other things to do, because it’s really not healthy to spend so much time shooting at people online is it(?)

Anyway. So I don’t spend too much time playing games nowadays, but I do have an Xbox 360. And Halo 3. In the first few months, I’d only played about 20 matches online and I felt bad about that because really, what’s the point of having Halo if you’re not playing online? So I thought I’d give Xbox Live a whirl for a bit and see if it’s worth it longterm. I played a bit last night and quickly realised that I’m not actually very good. Thanks to the amazing (and really, it IS amazing and probably deserves a whole ‘nother post) level of information that Bungie record about your games, you too can see how bad I currently am at Halo. I believe that some people might say that I get ‘pwned!!!!!’ frequently. I wouldn’t say that. That’s not how I roll. Ph33r |\/|y 1337 sk1llz! n00b.

I also played a bit on FIFA 08, which I appear to be better at (see here) but still, the long periods of having not played any games at all have taken their toll. I swear I used to be good at this type of thing. Blah.

So yeah. Feel free to step to me on Xbox Live see if you can hang with the big dogs. Word the fuck up.

(Or just add me as friend and let me win a few times..)

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