london taste festival

london taste festival

During what proved to be a overly busy weekend traveling around Southern England, we also hopped on the train to go to the London Taste Festival on Saturday. While the weather wasn’t quite as nice as you’d’ve expected on the Summer Solstice, at least it didn’t rain – so the afternoon walking around Regents Park eating random foods was actually rather splendid.

I really don’t even remember half of what I ate but somewhere along the line there were scallops, fish and chips, curry, marmite crackers, strawberries, fondue, prawns, pie, spitroasted pig and Onken yogurt. Not to mention an abundance of free samples of wine/beer and various nibbles. It was great. You have to pay for the food using ‘crowns’ (1 crown = 50p), and most dishes were around the 8 crown mark so it’s not massively cheap but not at all expensive. Definitely worth it to try things cooked by all those fancy chefs in restaurants you hear about or walk past but could never afford to go to. We even saw Gary Rhodes and Angus Deyton so I can finally tick the ‘been-to-london-and-seen-a-famous-person’ box.

The Bath event is next week and then it’s in Birmingham the week after before hitting the rest of the country again next year. We’ll almost certainly be going again and if you even remotely like food, you should too.

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