new bbc three idents

Current BBC Three Branding - The Blobs

The ‘blob’ idents on BBC Three have always been a redeeming feature amongst a lot of the tripe that passes for ‘entertainment’ (see ‘Two Pints Of Lager…’ for reference). Their ‘short yet funny in a slightly odd but quite ‘cute’-ish way‘ – ness has been a staple of the channel for as long as I’ve had it on freeview.. and possibly since the start of the channel(?), so it’ll be a shame to see them go. But go they must, to make way for the new BBC Three branding which I actually quite like. It’s pink. I like that. It’s accompanied by a series of new idents which have yet to air but will hopefully be colourful and joyous! Like the sneak preview below..

New BBC Three Idents

If you’re unaccustomed to the ‘blobs’, or simply want a refresher – YouTube saves the day again.

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