nxe welcome video

NXE by the way, stands for ‘New Xbox Experience‘. It’s the.. err.. new xbox experience (strangely enough). Released midweek, I got to play with it a bit last night and so far I think it’s an improvement on the old navigation system. The coverflow style stuff is obviously heavily apple influenced but it’s slicker than the old blades so I’m all for it.

Not too sure about the avatar thing though. It’s so Wii. I struggled to get mine to look like me (click on the image on the left to see Mii me), but it’s quite good to see the groups of your friends who are playing the same games or whatever.

But anyway, the point for this is to say: the ‘welcome’ video that it plays just after you install the update is nice. That’s it. If you’re not xboxed up, you can still see it online. Good work from Exopolis. Check the HQ mov or the LQ youtubism.

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