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reuters: 5 years of the iraq war

Reuters - Iraq War

There’s a small part of me that thinks the only really good form of journalism(/photography) comes from wars. But then I remember all the other things I like (see Boogie for example). So I think I actually mean that the only good thing to come from wars is journalism(/photography)(?) Who knows. What I do know is that Reuters consistently provide some great work surrounding awful subjects; like the Iraq War.

So, after half a decade of fighting in this current version of the war, Reuters have put together this site illustrating the work of their photographers, correspondents and staff during the conflict. Regardless of what you think about the war, the efforts these people go through to bring this type of stuff to a worldwide audience surely has to be acknowledged.. and I think the site does a great job of that. Some really brilliant photos in terrifying situations. I’d love to have a job doing that type of thing but I know I’d be really bad at it. I still find it weird trying to take photos of people in normal everyday locations, let alone in a war zone. Leave it to the professionals I reckon..

Bearing Witness: 5 Years Of The Iraq War

Reuters - Iraq War

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