sage francis – conspiracy to riot

conspiracy to riot

It’s been a fair while since any new Sage Francis material came out, let alone any stuff with a expressly ‘political’ theme.. I still remember downloading Makeshift Patriot a month after ‘9/11’ and being overly impressed with the way it really seemed to capture that moment in time. (The signed 7″ of one of the original pressings of that track is one of my prized possessions) :) . But anyway, what better time to step back into the fray than this, the last few weeks before the US presidential election..

Conpiracy To Riot‘ is, on the face of it, a track released to highlight various issues surrounding the Republican National Convention last month – notably the arrest of his fellow Providence poet and musician Jared Paul but as Sage points out, it’s really..

..less to do with a friend of mine possibly looking at jail time, and more to do with citizen’s rights continually being trampled on. There are thousands of innocent people in jail right now because of their lack of finances. This is a principle thing as much as it is personal. Attorneys working with the National Lawyers Guild and the ACLU are identifying this year’s RNC as one of the most extreme examples of strategic, premeditated attacks on the First Amendment in U.S. history..

You can familiarise yourself with all the background info, check the song lyrics, make donations, and of course, download the track for free on the Conspiracy To Riot microsite. It’s recommended.


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