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so i saw cloverfield..


It’s been a while since the 1-18-08 shizzle sparked my curiosity, so it was only right to go and see it in the cinema. Aside from the pricks in front of us eating nachos with salsa dips (seriously, why fucking eat in the cinema?! Is an hour and a half too long to cope without food? The shit stinks to high heaven, and then they go and drop it all over the floor. Pricks.), – apart from that – it was an enjoyable experience :)

The film is good. I liked it. Not sure what the reports of people being sick because of motion sickness are about because it really wasn’t that bad (to me. But then, I don’t suffer from motion sickness so who am I to judge?). It was like a better, more monsterific, more enjoyable Blair Witch. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone that’s not seen it but you do see the monster fairly clearly. It’s big.

Good stuff all ’round.. If you go and see it, keep an eye on the sea by Coney Island at the end.. and also, stay til the end of the credits… Oooh yeah.. Extra goodness (well, kinda)..

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