there’s probably no god

This isn’t really the time nor the place to have a discussion on religion and all that jazz.. But in a nutshell, I don’t believe in God and I think it’s a bit odd that other people do. But if you want to believe, that’s fine. I really don’t care, just don’t feel free to share your beliefs and I’ll do the same :) .

I don’t dislike religites, in fact some of my best friends swear blind that there’s a God, but I do dislike being preached to. And alas, there’s plenty of examples of that happening in day to day life. Which is why I think it’s nice that things like this exist – if only to provide a bit of balance because let’s face it, much like the ‘Deus Caritas Est‘ type of posters, this campaign wont get anybody to change their mind will it(?) Or will it? I dunno. I suppose a bit of atheist publicity might sway some of the undecided currently languishing in limbo. Or it’ll just offend staunch believers. Either way, kudos to Ariane Sherine for getting the thing started. I read about it last week, and then it was on Have I Got News For You, and then I saw some more stuff about it this morning and I felt like I wanted to add my (albeit limited to this blog) support to it.

There’s a nice quote on the website which says (regarding atheism);

It’s about making sense of the world, thinking freely and feeling liberated because of it. It’s about using your intellect and sense of reason to learn what life is about, and having the courage to think for yourself. It’s about relying on evidence when deciding on your beliefs, and being brave enough to speak the truth.

Surely no-one can disagree that that’s a decent system to live your life by?
Go atheism!
Dinosaurs are great! :)

Atheist Campaign.org

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