view my blog posts using google maps!

Fairly lengthy title there but it does what it says on the tin. After a bit of tinkering yesterday, I’ve added a nice little alternative way to browse my blog posts; via a google map. I’ve limited it to any posts in the ‘travel‘ category because that’s really the only section that warrants the feature. Otherwise, the map would have tonnes of markers all above my house – it’d be odd.

So if you have a look in the travel category, you should see a custom map with various markers of my face (with shades on naturally, 8) because most of the posts are holiday based) and if you click on them, you’ll get a little pop up telling you about that post. The map will only show you posts from the particular page you’re looking at – as in, there’s more than one page of ‘travel’ category results, so the map will display markers relative to the posts that are displayed below it. It’ll also center itself to wherever the top post on that page is located.

It’s fairly basic but I think it’s nice and it wasn’t actually too difficult to pull off. Feel free to praise me for my fine work :) haha..

(Oh, and I’ve added this post to the travel map, in a fairly random location so don’t go thinking it’s broken – I meant it to do that).

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