i didn’t fail my first MA assignment



It’s vulgar to discuss details :) but I’m happy to say, I didn’t fail my first ever MA assignment. In fact, I did much better than I thought I would. Joy to the world.

The feedback was good and will hopefully help me to improve for next time; the one irritating point made by the markers was that I could’ve made more of the website that I had intended to submit as part of the hand in (as it was, I just submitted a screenshot with a little explanation). It’s irritating because as I mentioned in my last post, I fully intended to make more of it and I’m disappointed in myself for not achieving what I wanted to achieve with the example of an actual website. Still, tis done now. At least I was semi-expecting a criticism of that sort. I also think I need to be more applied in terms of scope with the next assignment so with a bit of work, things should get even better.

I had a Wispa earlier to celebrate :)

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