MDickie – see if you can feel it


Sometimes, things are sent to try us. It can be hard to keep your head above the waterline and deal with the various things that clutter the plate of life. It’s at those times when we all need someone to look up to. Someone who has been there, done that, and lived to tell the story. (And written a book about it for reference purposes). Someone who “at once … intimidates and inspires; breaking down the walls that secure some yet block others.” Thanks to Will, I’ve discovered that very person.

Mat Dickie. Or as I like to call him, MDickie. Inspiration.

He’s “the free-thinking rebel that redefines the rules. He says what no-one else will say and does what no-one else will do“. Basically, when he talks, you better listen. He’s a master of everything that he puts his mind to and effortlessly maintains an entire empire. Specifically, he makes 3D games, primarily based on either wrestling (he’s a master at that too. When he was younger, he once tossed a guy off who jumped on his back, then they played with each other. True story.), or bible stories. Officially the two best subjects of 3D games. And he does both. Possibly combined, (Moses vs The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase? (who, oddly, is now a christian minister..)) but that’s yet to be confirmed.


In his games, he also draws upon a myriad of popular culture references to convey his message to a world of people who, frankly, are lesser mortals. Things like comparing Jesus to Morpheus. As seen here. You have to watch this.

There’s also the colloquialisation of scripture, like in this scene from The You Testament.

How come indeed. It all helps to help us understand.

If the website isn’t enough, he’s also written a book, ‘Inspiration For The Interactive Generation’ which you can read the first chapter of on Amazon.

Gaming’s most outspoken character finally speaks out about himself! For almost a decade, Mat Dickie electrified the games industry with his prolific output. He used unconventional methods to create unconventional games, and redefined what could be achieved by one man. Audiences responded accordingly and ensured his underground rumblings would resonate around the world.

I’m hooked.

Now, I know that some of you cynical types might think that MDickie is too good to be true. I don’t blame you. I was like that too. I thought, how can one man embody all the qualities that I strive for and be so modest and helpful with it(?) How can just one person have achieved so much and have so much to share with the world(?) The answer lies in the fact that MDickie isn’t just one man. He’s a revolution. ‘The dictionary definition of “independence” in full effect. See if you can feel it…

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