most protesters are numpties *

(photo from here)

* or, most of the ones that end up on TV are

Firstly; protests should happen. Protests can be good. Get out there and get heard. etc etc etc. But do it properly.

Having been semi-raised on on a diet of NWA and Public Enemy, I’m always down for fucking the police and pointing out their jokeness. In the last few months alone there have been plenty of reasons to criticise police tactics/methods/fuck ups: such as this, and this, or this, maybe this, or this, and definitely this. All awful examples of what can happen when you give a badge to a bigoted fuckwit and each of those fuckwits deserve to share a cell with a Schillinger for a long long time. But they’re not representative of police in general. Some po-po (that’s what I call them. It’s affectionate) are believe it or not, just trying to do their job, and we’d be massively worse off without them. But that’s not really the point (I seem to have diverted myself).

My point is; Protest = good. Protesting about bent cops = good. ‘Protesting’ and needlessly targeting cops = bad. Also, ‘protesting’ in the wrong direction = very bad. It negates the original aims of the demonstration and makes me want to side with the opposition just because I don’t want to be associated with wankers with poorly designed banners and kazoos.

Take this twat for example.

I would happily advocate any and every attempt by that police officer to break that guys nose.

Similarly, there was some footage on the BBC news last night from the G20 protests in London yesterday, that had a bloke in a mask, repeatedly blowing what sounded like a kazoo, really loudly, inches from a policeman’s face. As a quick test, I’d like you to think of the most irritating person possible. Think of how angry they make you. Think of how much you’d like to smash their irritating little twattish face in.

Now give them a kazoo.

(artists impression)

Can you imagine what that policeman felt like?! The man has surely redefined what ‘restraint’ means.

It’s people like that, and people who smash up computers from RBS branches who give protests a bad name. Unsurprisingly, they’re the ones that end up on the news and in the photos because a bit of violence goes a long way toward making a story exciting and newsworthy. But it consequently takes away airtime from people who have the ability to actually articulate why they’re protesting and why people should support them.

Quick example:

That means that riots are technically 8.5 times more exciting than dialogue. Of course.
(Incidentally, the lyrics at the end of that Low Key video are from this track – ‘Long Live Palestine‘, which is dope. Score 1 for hip-hop maintaining a political voice in 2009. And it thankfully has 54,000-odd views which makes hip-hop 20 times better than riots! Brilliant.)

Ugh. I dunno. I’m just increasingly baffled at the number of people who vent their frustrations/anger/opposition in ways that just simply do not help. Why can’t they just stay in and write a blog post about it? Much more productive.

I’ll leave you with a piece of media from the G8 in 2005, just because it timely popped on my iTunes and still seems apt.

Fuck it, rioting can be fun :)

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