unleashing version 5 of this site!


It’s been a long, rather stagnant summer in regards to this dear website of mine. Not a single post was made throughout May, June or July – and then there was a rather poor excuse for a post in August. Now it’s mid September and I intend to make amends. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but in an effort to instigate some shit, I have gone ahead and launched a redesign of the site that I’ve been working on for a few months now (on and off).

It’s gone through several states in that time, and I’m still not convinced that it’s finished but that’s what happens when you design for yourself isn’t it(?) So, it is what it is. Another re-align rather than a whole redesign, but it’s definitely different. One of the main changes I made with this was starting everything from scratch – as in, the CSS / wordpress template / images were all blank canvasses. For previous incarnations, I’ve merely altered and added to older layouts which led to a massively bloated CSS file (amongst other messy unnecessary things). Not this time. I don’t think it makes any difference really, but it was nice to start working and not be faced with a thousand lines of code that I had to wade through to try to make simple changes.

What else(?) Oh yeah.. A new version of my portfolio – intended to coincide with the new version of this – is due shortly. I was going to wait until they were both ready, but if I’d waited any longer to start using this blog theme, I really would’ve gone through another redesign process and wasted even more time. But don’t worry, I’ll be vocal about it when it’s done.

Just to end this, I haven’t been completely silent during these summer months. My twitter-ness has been pretty much constant.. so if you want a more constant stream of my blabberings, it’d be good to start following me. I try to keep nonsense to a minimum, but it’s twitter, so you probably know what to expect.

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