what i did this summer


You know when you used go back to school after the summer and had to write down a story about what you did over the holidays(?) – (edit: Did anyone else have to do that? I’m not even sure that I ever did that.. but it sounds like I should’ve) – Well, this is that. Except not in story form. Just the facts. I’m not 100% sure why this is relevant to anyone but it goes someway to explaining my silence and besides, this is my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to. Or something.

I suppose the main thing was that I spent the best part of a month in California and Hawaii. Ostensibly due to a marriage / honeymoon – mine, that is. It went great, thanks for asking – the trip actually served to develop a yearning for a less stringent U.S. immigration policy. Seriously, it’s practically impossible to move there from the UK, which is a shame, but probably just as well because it’s a superb holiday destination and living there would ruin that. So anyway, in a trip that wasn’t too dissimilar from our Californian adventure 2 years ago, we started in San Francisco, stopped in Big Sur to get married, went to a few different places in Los Angeles for a bit, flew to Hawaii (Oahu – Big Island – Oahu again), then flew to Las Vegas. I still haven’t finished sorting the photos yet, but they’ll be here soon, along with a bit more detail. It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

(^ custom made wedding figurines of us.. it’s an exact likeness.)

Also went to the Reading Festival and lost a glowstick (and some dignity) to The Prodigy who were the definite highlight for me. They were STONKING. I’ve mentioned before that Out of Space is just immense, and mentalling out to it live was great :). Catching the ‘secret’ performance from rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures was quite good too, and Little Boots was ace. But generally, though the festival itself was fun, the bands are all pretty much meh to me. It’s no ‘rock the bells‘, put it that way. Nonetheless, two groups that I didn’t get to see because they were on the main stage at midday (on different days) but wished I had seen were Sonic Boom Six and Mariachi El Bronx. Until a week before the event, I had no idea who they were but then I discovered them just in time to be disappointed that I didn’t see them live. Ah well. Maybe next time.

What else? Oh yeah, I finished two-thirds of an M.A. (time-consuming), sold my house (exciting), watched the whole of The Wire (awesome), and mastered the art of caring for an injured hen (sadly necessary). Some of those things could do with longer explanations but now that I’ve mentioned my M.A., it’s dawned on me that I really ought to be doing something for it this weekend, so I’ll wrap this up now :)

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