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Blogging for blogging’s sake

I don’t like the term ‘blogging’. It sounds shit and inherently pointless. Even the example for using ‘blogging’ in a sentence on accepts that it’s a shit term. “When John said he was busy blogging, Sally said he should get a life!“. That conversation actually happened. I digress..

Despite my aversion to the word, I quite like the act of blogging. I’ve done it for a range of reasons over the years; to boost my pagerank, to share stuff, to keep track of things I’d found for future reference, to promote my own work, to rant about things, etc etc.. and while its had it’s uses in each of those situations, I think I found most useful (as a ‘tool’) when I wrote about the Masters degree I was doing. I only actually posted a handful of times – which is really poor considering it was an 18 month course – but each of those posts helped me to think through what I was writing about and straighten things out in my head. (Incidentally, for the rest of the course, I did a similar thing in Word, but never posted my ramblings.. I should’ve done). It’s been 2 years since I made those posts about my MA and in all that time, I don’t think I’ve made any posts that I’d actually consider worthwhile. Poor show.

All of this has come to mind because I read a post by Steve Wheeler about blogging, in which he says:

In effect, as I write, I create concrete meaning from my abstract thoughts. Also, because the blog is public, I write for an audience. My writing has become a social act. As I learn my thoughts, I share them with you.

(From here)

It sounds a little grandiloquent (yeah, I went there), but it definitely rings true. Except for the ‘audience’ bit. Google Analytics would dispute that on this blog. Anyway, he also links to a post by Shelly Blake-Plock that reckons “To blog, you can’t always allow yourself to be burdened by overthinking” (via). I’d like to believe that my lack of posts is due to overthinking them, because I know that there’s definitely plenty of things that I intend to write about but it’s more likely that I’m lazy. Or less unfairly, just busy with other things.

But regardless, the upshot of all this is: I was inspired to write a post, so I did. I have no idea if I’ve brought anything to the conversation, nor do I really care. I’m blogging, because I own a blog, and I can. I need to do shit like this more often because at some point, I might hit gold. Or at the very least, boost my pagerank.

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