boycott bp

I just got done watching this video from Prison Planet claiming that the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill is part of an elaborate conspiracy. Sort of like ‘This Other Eden‘. It starts off sounding ridiculous but then gets more believable throughout.


Following the rise of sufficient indicators that BP knew about the conditions of its Gulf oil assets prior to the April 20 leak & explosion 62 long days ago and counting, Alex Jones has called for criminal investigations of key figures at BP, inside the White House administration and elsewhere. Further, Alex has urged activists and concerned citizens everywhere to take a proactive approach to dealing with the looming consequences of the massive oil leak.

It’s still mental though.

The only thing I’m sure of is that it’s fucking unbelievable that there’s still oil leaking out into the sea, on top of the thousands of barrels worth that has already fucked shit up. It’s horrendous. I was looking on The Big Picture for a photo to go along with this post but couldn’t bring myself to repost one of the images of a dead turtle or a oil covered pelican. It’s just utterly depressing and genuinely incomprehensible how much damage has been/is being done. 2 months! How is that even possible? Such a colossal fuck up. It’s awful.

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