flickr goes big(ger)

I’m liking the new page layouts on Flickr photos. The changes are only marginal but definitely an improvement I think. For a start, the photos are larger, and they’ve built in a ‘view on black’ lightbox esque feature (press ‘f’ on a photo page to see it) which is going to render the Big Huge Labs ‘view on black’ thing useless.

The navigation between photos has also been changed slightly, with the photostream area getting a revamp and the introduction of ‘newer’ / ‘older’ links above each photo. It’s still not as good as viewing a page full of photos (a la a user home page) for me, but it’s welcomed nonetheless.

I do really like the embedded map area though, especially seeing as I painstakingly add geolocation data to all of my photos. I knew it would be worth it one day! :)

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