I want to buy Dennis Hopper’s house

I could’ve happily left this post as a tweet because the title pretty much conveys all that I wanted to say. But I thought that some pictures would support the point, and TwitPic doesn’t cut it.

I’ve made no bones about my ongoing desire to live in Los Angeles since the first time I went there, but it’s mostly been a pipe dream. We looked into it seriously a few years ago but it’s ridiculously hard to get the permits and all that. One day though. One day. If Nadine Coyle can do it, then anybody can. Although, I’m not going to marry an American, so perhaps she’s not the best role model. Anyway. ‘Til I manage to get past the immigration issues, the only viable option is to buy a summer house over there. Something small and manageable. Like Dennis Hopper’s old house (or, the ‘Hopper Compound‘ as it’s apparently known).

Located a few blocks from the sea in Venice Beach, it’d easily be keeping in line with my ‘can’t live more than 10 miles from the sea’ mindset. I realise that Venice doesn’t have the best reputation, and I’m sure that it has it’s moments, but the couple of times I’ve been there have been untainted by gang violence. Or indeed, crime of any sort. In fact, they’ve been fun and despite the mentals, rather enjoyable. I bumped into Danny Trejo down there. True story. I reckon there are nicer places to live in L.A. but I’d happily slum it for a bit in this place. It’s not all bad.

Parts of it were designed by Frank Gehry, if that makes any difference. I think that’s cool, but it’s not the be all and end all. I’m more impressed by the open plan awesomeness in general. The garden is a bit small, but there’s a pool. You can’t have everything.

It’s only $5.194m (£3,225,079.89 according to xe). Pocket change considering what you get for your money. Shame I could only live there for a month a year. I wonder if there’s scope for getting another 11 people interested in some sort of timeshare(?) Hit me up if you’re down..

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