It’s been 115 days..

.. since I last posted here properly.

That’s 3 months, 23 days. Or 2760 hours if you prefer. 165,600 minutes of silience. Roughly 9,936,000 seconds of fuck all. Quite a while.

Far too often I do this, and then come back saying shit like ‘I’ll make a more concerted effort to post!’, but it never happens. Like new years resolutions; meaningless words that float into the ether as soon as they’re uttered. (Mine was to be more productive btw. Ha!). Nonetheless, despite the fact that I know I’ll probably fall at, perhaps not the first one, but a hurdle in the very near future – I’m back with good intentions. I also have a new blog design, which you can hopefully see. There’s a few things that I’m still working on but I’m fairly happy with it at the moment. I have a whole new ‘quickpost’ category that is populated via my posterous account and has actually been quite successful in ensuring that there is a more regular stream of content for here. It’s basically things that I want to post about but can’t quite be bothered to actually say much about. Full of gold. Subscribe now!!

Anyway, as some sort of explanation, it’s not like I haven’t been busy in that time. The summer months never lose their ability to lull me into a false sense of security regarding how much time I have (or don’t have as the case may be) over the winter. Teaching takes up so much time, it’s not even funny. Obviously, it’s my job, and should be expected. But really, overtime is glossed over and accepted far too easily. They never mentioned that at the interview. Blah.

Christmas and New Years have come and gone, leaving behind a trail of depleted bank balances and bulging stomachs. Same old, same old. There was also the ‘big freeze’ where we had a bit of snow and everyone went mental. It got unbearably cold some days, but at least it was good for a few days off work. What else(?) Lots of football (Champions League woop woop), lots of xbox (Assassins Creed was fun, DJ Hero hurts to play, FIFA is still where it’s at), bits and bobs of other stuff.

I launched a photoblog just before Christmas too, which you might want to look at. It’s come to a stuttering stop as of late (quelle surprise) but there’s generally not been anything that’s caught my eye to take photos of. It’s so much easier getting nice photos on holiday than it is driving to and from work every day. Anyway, Daily Operation (http://photos.mattnortham.com) – have a quick peek.

Speaking of holiday photos, I’m still wading through the thousands of images I took in California and Hawaii last summer, and some of them are trickling onto my flickr every couple of days. There’s a California set, which is almost done, and a Hawaii set which is a work in progress. It’s stupid how long it’s taking me to get to look at them properly but on the plus side, it’s nice to bring back memories of a great trip on these shitty rainy Bournemouth days.

I also finished my MA in Creative Media Practice a couple of weeks ago. Or at least, I hope I did. I’m waiting on the marks for my not-so-great final project so fingers crossed. More on that to follow!

I dunno. Where have the last few months gone(?) Craziness. That’s probably enough of a narcissistic wrap-up for now. Who cares really(?) If you’re reading this, you were probably just searching for ‘top 10 jquery wordpress plugins’ which is what I just typed there to lure you in. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the site!

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