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I’ve made a book review site

Well, sort of. I wouldn’t go there expecting decent reviews if I were you.

The ink is black, the page is white‘ aka It’s actually more of an archive for the various books that I read. As I say on the site, I forget far too much about books, so it’s an attempt to keep track of it all. Not that it’s a massive amount – it’ll probably only get updated once a month or so (except when I go on holiday – 4 or 5 books standard) – but I literally forget about a book once I start the next one. It’s a shame because I’ve read some really good books that I have no idea what happened in.

Its benefit as a memory aide aside, it was also an excuse to make another WordPress theme. It’s actually a child theme for ‘TwentyTen’ (the default WP3 theme), so some parts might be familiar. But it gave me the chance to delve into custom taxonomies for the first time properly as well as get my hands dirty with some other features that I’ve skirted around before. Using the new theme template structure (for ‘the loop’ for instance) is so much easier once you get your head ’round it and I’m dreading looking forward to the next update of this site so I can bring it more inline with what I’m currently using. So much of the code for here has been developed over a range of time, so it’s all over the place and could do with a refresh. But that’s another matter.

I’ve still got tonnes of books to add to the site (I’m retrospectively adding them for the time being just so there’s actually content there) but feel free to go over if you’re vaguely curious about what I spend my time reading. Recommend me a book if you like. I’ve read all the Dan Brown one’s so I’m pretty much open to anything..

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