Luther – What Now?

This week, I got round to watching the finale of the first series of ‘Luther’ on the BBC. Actually I watched the last 3 episodes this week thanks to the recurring joy that is iPlayer, but that’s by the by.

In case you don’t know, Luther is a British police drama that’s actually been worth watching. A sentence like that doesn’t get uttered often. Starring Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) and that woman with a duck like face from The Prisoner (Ruth Wilson), I’d loosely describe it as a series about an angry Laandan detective solving a range of rather nasty murders, but that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s good. All 6 episodes have made for decent viewing in their own right, with a nice range of psychopathic killers from demented blood drinking Mr Crowley types to disgruntled ex-forces snipers; but it’s the overarching narrative that has made it worth sticking with I think. The ongoing relationship between Luther and Alice is a tad ridiculous if you think about it for more than a second, but it’s still interesting to watch it unfold.

Actually, you could say that about every episode. The sudden jumps Luther seems to manage to make in order to solve each crime are mental (killer strikes completely at random > kills a young woman > women don’t normally trust strangers > must have been a taxi driver > woman was killed on a road with roadworks > must be a failed taxi driver called Ben who lives at 34 Gregory Road! Obviously.), but they allow things to get nicely tied up within the hour so it’s forgivable. I like the Columbo-esque ‘you know who the killer is from the start’ thing and some of the stuff that goes on is actually quite dark. All in all, it’s been a success from the beeb for me. I have no idea what the ratings were like, but with any luck, they’ll commission a second series because the ending leaves it wide open for more Cockney fun.

The titles aren’t too shabby either..


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