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Mad frisbee skills

Looking at the weather outside now (it’s not great), it’s hard to believe that last week was perfect frisbee weather. But it was. So we went out after work for a bit of superdisc-based frivolity and filmed it. What better way to shake away the stresses of the day(?)

I’ll warn you now that if you’re into frisbeeing, you might not want to watch this, because it has the unfortunate side effect of making people think they’re not very good at it. It’s not our fault we’re so clearly brilliant. It’s like, the reason we’re not entering frisbee championships the world over is because we want to give other people a chance. We’re that good. Watch for youself.

For those of you of the technical persuasion, in case you’re wondering, it was filmed on a camera by all three of us and edited on a computer by Will.

Oh, and I’m sure you’ll have noticed, but at 11 seconds in, I’m so fresh.

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