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more photos from around Lake Garda

I’ve only just got around to finishing up sorting through the photos from my trip to Italy this summer. I’m adding them to flickr in batches so that there’s not suddenly 300-odd images in my stream, but they’ll all be up by the end of the week probably.

Currently, you can see photos from Sirmione and Malcesine (Lake Garda) and a bit of Verona and Bolzano, all in the latest set here. It’s roughly two-thirds of the holiday in case you were wondering how much more there is to come.

panoramic of lake garda from monte baldo

The bulk of the ‘mountain’ photos were taken on one of my favourite days of the whole trip. We went on a hike around the peak of Monte Baldo (which is the mountain that looms over Malcesine) with some picnic stuff from the local Spar crammed into my bag. The cable car trip up is an experience in itself but the view from the top is just amazing. You could just about see the peninsula of Sirmione down at the other end of the lake. That’s about 25 miles away. Stunning.

Plus, there are massive herds of alpine cows, complete with clanging cowbells. It’s slightly surreal; the ringing of the bells gets so loud when dozens of these cows are surrounding you. But they seem harmless. Thankfully. Because they’re huge.

alpine cows

The altitude also did funny things to our crisps. The noise when we popped the bag was disappointing.

inflated crisps

The other mountain type photos were from the peaks around Bolzano. We almost didn’t manage to see anything because we visited during a public transport strike which meant that the cable car was only running for a few hours a day. So instead of a leisurely amble around the Dolomites, we had a vigorous walk/jog with a brief lunch stop so that we didn’t miss the cable car back down the mountain. On the plus side, it meant that the cable cars were empty apart from us, so no-one was around to see my fear. I’m not great with heights, and that cable car ride went on forever, over the type of drops that are normally only seen via helicopter. It was awesome, but terrifying.

cable car

Like I said though, there are also plenty of photos from Malcesine and Sirmione, as well as the ones from our brief jaunt to Verona. Go and look. There’s still more to come!

bolzano station

3 bits of light

log cabin

wood, before and after

arena di verona

wood. in water.

Lake Garda set on Flickr

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