My favourite photos from 2010

The end of the year is nigh, and 2010 has been a good one. What better way to sum up the year than to have an egotistical glance back at some of my favourite photos that I’ve taken throughout the year(?)


During the ‘big freeze part1’ at the start of the year, the sunny holiday resort of Bournemouth got a fair bit of snow. I went to the beach. It’s what you do in Bournemouth. I wasn’t letting some snow stop me.
boscombe pier snow


Looking at Flickr, I hadn’t actually uploaded any photos that I’d taken in February, so I had to take a look back in Lightroom for some stuff. This cup game (quarter final no less) was pretty much the only thing I’d taken photos of that month. We lost, 3-0.
team talk


On the National Trust ‘free’ weekend, we went for a champagne picnic at Kingston Lacy. Lavish.
kingston lacy


I found this game of Operation under a pile of books at a guesthouse up North somewhere.. It’s much harder than I remembered, but massively addictive. Who needs Xbox(?)


Keeping chickens seems to be full of moments like this. I’ve gotten fairly proficient at nursing hens when they’re ill.. This was Big Skye, who as it turned out, had a nasty tumor and sadly died a month later. But I’m sure she appreciated being warm and spoilt for those last few weeks :).


I got this as we were boarding a waterbus from Giudecca to San Marco in Venice and I like the idea of the pigeon just soaking up the last rays of the sun, oblivious to the throngs of tourists in the city around it.
sitting on the dock of the bay


I spent the first few weeks of July around Italy so it was hard for me to narrow down a selection to just one. So I’ve gone with 2. (There’s plenty of other ones I could’ve chosen though).

Firstly, we have a stereotypical Venice photo. I like it though because I managed to get it whilst crammed onto a fast moving boat with at least 600 other people. I could barely move to get my camera out, let alone frame the photo, so it turned out quite well I think.
stereotypical venice photo

Second, this photo from the top of Monte Baldo overlooking Lake Garda. One of my favourite days from the whole trip was spent soaking up these gorgeous views and eating sandwiches.
monte baldo / lake garda panoramic


Another hen photo, this time of Nigella and Sindy. These two had a pretty stressful year and by December had both gone to the big chicken coop in the sky. This was actually taken while we were trying to keep them separate due to various health reasons, but we thought it was good to give them some supervised ‘together’ time as much as possible. They are social animals after all!


I spent a week up North in September, around the North-East and then in the Lake District. It rained. A lot. I got this photo after walking for what seemed like miles and miles across some fields through massive gales and freezing temperatures to get to the side of this training circuit. We’d missed most of the horses as it turned out, but just before we left, these last 2 came steaming toward us. I’m not a fan of horse racing at all, but there’s no denying how impressive and powerful these animals are. Getting so close to them galloping past was actually quite terrifying.
racing horses


Halloween brought an excuse to make lots of spooky themed food, like pumpkin pasties, mummified sausage rolls, skewered lychee eyeballs and scabby fruity skin flakes. We feasted like kings! Childish, goblin-like kings, but kings nonetheless.
spooky nom nom


I literally didn’t pick up my camera at all in November. So instead, here’s a photo from early December. It’s cheating, but it’s better than nothing. It took me ages to even see this poison-arrow tree frog (at the Blue Reef Aquarium, Portsmouth. Not in the wild. Obv.) because of it’s size, and then even longer to get any photo that was actually in focus through the glass and the darkness. It turned out alright. I think tree frogs are awesome.
tree frogs are tiny


Finally, I ended the year as it started, with bitterly cold temperatures and snow. In fact, it’s been much colder here than I ever remember. I was hesitant to take my camera out at all, but made a makeshift protective sheath out of sandwich bags and ventured out into the blizzard to get some blurry shots.
canford heath snow

And there you have it. 2010 in photo form. There are literally hundreds more on my Flickr page so feel free to go look and pick your own favourites. I’m sure you’ll have plenty :)

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