Nike Football Adverts Are Great

The ‘Write the Future’ TV spot dropped a few of weeks ago to critical acclaim the world over (and from me) but I never got ’round to posting it. Not that it matters. If you haven’t seen it by now, chances are you’re not fussed about seeing it. But I still feel the need to tip my hat to Nike for another quality advertising campaign.


Ever since the ‘Good vs Evil’ / (Nike vs the Devil) advert in ’95(? was that really 15 years ago?! Still one of the best adverts ever), I’ve been a fan of Nike’s forays into football advertising. I remember the first time I saw that advert, I spent the whole of breaktime the day after trying to trap the ball sweetly after chesting it up, so I could flick my collar and have a shot. I never managed it.


Au revior! So badass..

The whole infatuation with Brazil and the Joga Bonito thing that dominated Nike’s output since then has been pretty cool, but it’s nice to see a return to the international all-stars approach that made them the best in football advertising. Adidas just can’t keep up. Bless ’em. Even with Kaka & Messi on their team, they struggle. There was the ‘Impossible is Nothing‘ campaign a few years ago which wasn’t too bad.. And the ‘Jose+10’ idea was nicely done..


..but let’s be honest, they’re no ‘Take It To The Next Level‘ are they(?)

While I’m here, some other Nike adverts that still make me smile:

Oh, and the print campaign to go along with the ‘Write the Future’ isn’t too shabby either..

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