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‘sarah lee’ on flickr

The 3rd installment of my biyearly series of posts on Flickr people you might want to look at features 19 year old Sarah Lee from Hawaii. I stumbled on her photos back in 2008 while looking up places to visit in the Aloha State and I’ve since found myself ‘favouriting’ pretty much everything she uploads.

Based on the west coast of Hawaii (Kailua Kona), she has ample opportunity to get out in the water and snap away; but as my visit there last year proved, it’s not just about having the opportunity to get out there. She manages to capture the most amazing images above and below the water, and some of the photos are just utterly stunning.

There’s nearly 11,000 images on her flickr page which doesn’t make for easy scanning but it’s well worth spending half an hour or so browsing. You should at least have a look at her ‘explored’ set which will give a you a good idea what to expect. Really, it’s gold. Love it. The only complaint I’d have is that there are no higher resolution versions of the photos available which is a shame, because I’ve had to make do with some awkwardly stretched low-res desktop backgrounds instead. Ah well. Each to their own. Regardless, go look at the photos and be amazed. Great stuff!

Sarah Lee on Flickr

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