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Sorting through photos of Venice

It’s taking longer than I hoped but I’m finally getting around to sorting through and uploading some photos from my trip to Venice last month. Actually, I say it’s taking a while, but considering it took me 8 months to finish my Hawaii photos, I think I’m doing well.

I’m still on Venice at the moment, but Lake Garda is coming up shortly so stay tuned! You can look at the current progress, and watch out for the uploads in action here, on my Flickr page. Go on.

I’ve been playing around with the post-processing a bit in Lightroom, and I’m a bit undecided about whether I like the results or not. Previously, I’ve been doing everything in Photoshop, where I know what I’m doing and liked what photos looked like. But I got annoyed with making massive psd’s out of every image that I wanted to edit and considering Lightroom is supposed to be for exactly that type of thing, I’ve been trying to give it a go. Feel free to leave comments on the images at Flickr. I’ve no doubt that a few of them will get redone with a different look in the future, but for now, they’ll suffice.

One photo that I did have to do in Photoshop though, was this 360 panoramic from the top of the Campanile in St Mark’s Square. Purely accidental. I just ended up with a photo from all the angles looking out from the top and they blended together fairly well. It’s worth a closer look.

Plenty more on the way!

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