street view hits the UK.. properly this time..

After the somewhat limited rollout last year, Google Street View is now available for a whopping 96% of the UK! Love it!

Unfortunately, I’m not on it personally (that’s what I get for being sat at a computer for 18 hours of every day) but plenty of Matt-related things are. Like this bouncy castle.

I went on this pretty much every day during the summers of 1987-1997 (yes, I would’ve been far too old to be going on bouncy castles in ’97, but it’s true nonetheless).

So indulge me and allow me to take you on a mini tour of my formative years in Plymouth.. beginning with a creepy voyeuristic look into my old Primary School playgound.

Those flats on the left used to be an old paper mill that may or may not have been home to murderous tramps. We used to dare each other to break in to try to tempt them out and though we never actually made contact with killer hobos, I remain steadfast in my belief that they were there.

The ‘Private Shop’ that I genuinely thought sold desserts (thanks to the KY jelly adverts in the window). I was a slightly shocked 7 year old the first time I walked in.

The Mayflower Steps – where we discovered America from – and where I rode a bike into the filthy vile cancer-riddled sea. But didn’t get cancer. Just lost my bike.

Plymouth Hoe. Where I learnt to how to ride a bike, play football, had my first kiss / smoke / drink / broken bone, saw many Radio 1 Roadshows and a plethora of other memories that it’s probably best not to go into.

I still feel quite lucky that I lived on the road parallel to this, probably the best location in the whole city (imho) but it has left me with the ongoing problem that I can’t bring myself to ever live too far from the coast. I’d like a view like that every morning.

The really welcoming looking entrance to my Secondary School where I learnt everything that I know (about wanky A-Level requirements and outdated teaching methods).

Slightly better entrance of my college. The barbed wire was required.

Theatre of Dreams. Home of the mighty Plymouth Argyle.

The Cooperage, where I first (and last) rapped my little heart out into the night.

The posters on the walls there are about the recently incarcerated owner of the Dance Academy; importer of roughly 71% of all class-A’s into Plymouth. It’s Sadly derelict and abandoned now. Doesn’t this view of Union Street just make you want to go out for a night out in Plymouth though(?) So alluring..

Bonus extra: The void of Armada Way in Plymouth city centre that was once an underpass and fountains and flower beds – complete with blurred out faces on a Beryl Cook painting. Is that necessary(?) Censorship gone mad!

I could literally spend days on this.. but I realise that it’s not that interesting for you, dear reader. So I’ll do it in private :)

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