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Wake Up Show Anthem 2010

There would’ve been a time, probably about 10 years ago, when this would’ve excited me. Actually, that’s not fair, as it vaguely excited me last week when I heard about this, but nowhere near as much as it would’ve done in 2000.


This, the 2010 Wake Up Show anthem is apparently the last one Sway & Tech are going to do, and I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. I LOVED the 1999 version.. The track and the video were amazing – it was actually probably one of my most listened to tracks of the year. And though this years’ attempt has a far few decent appearances (Ras Kass ftw), it’s lacking the star power of the breakout ’99 version. I remember having countless arguments about who’s verse was the best on it (I’m still sticking with Chino XL).. I think I’d be lucky to even find someone else who had heard the latest incarnation, let alone cared enough to think any of the verses were great. Oh, and the video comes with an extra 10 minutes or so of superfluous content which doesn’t help the cause. Oh well. Sway & King Tech – you’re still heroes to me, despite your inability to know when to stop churning out ‘anthems’.

Thinking about it, there was a version in 2001 which flew under the radar. Apart from the awful chorus, it’s not too bad but is generally forgettable on the whole. The Crooked I verse kills it though.. “Crooked I’s a cannibal, a mechanical animal, that’ll dismantle your mandible; with a manual on how to make raps flammable!“..

But anyway, all this is mostly an excuse to post the 1999 version. I even remember geeking out when I borrowed a copy of the video that my mate had taped.. Prior to that, I’d only seen a fuzzy version on ViVo (remember that?). It was great.

Sway & Tech featuring Chino XL, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Jayo Felony, Pharoahe Monch, RZA, Tech N9ne & Xzibit – The Anthem:

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