Wildlife Photographer of the Year

More specifically, the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 no less. Yes, ‘environnement’ is correct. It’s basically run by BBC Wildlife magazine and the Natural History Museum I think, but the details of the awarding body are fairly irrelevant; it’s the photos that are worthwhile.

The winner is this photo of ants by Bence Mate. The ants are nocturnal, so as well as marvelling at their cutting skills, I reckon Bence should be commended for his use of the flash. Not too shabby.

There’s plenty of other photos that didn’t scoop the big prize but are still well worth looking at over on the awards site. Few of my favourites below.

Black Rhino by Greg du Toit.

Birds off the Falkland Islands by Ben Cranke.

Kestrels by Lucas Marsalle. Lucas is in the under 10’s category. Under 10 and he has a Nikon D300. Definitely spoilt.

Some of the ones in the photojournalism category are hideous, but definitely need to be taken to highlight the horrendous stuff that goes on every day – like this tiger circus photo by Mark Leong.

All the images are on show at the Natural History Museum until March next year.. I’ll be popping in next time I’m idling around London I think..
More information on the BBC news site.

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