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WordPress 3

It’s a little bit sad that I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of WordPress 3 for a while now but as someone who does stuff with WordPress pretty much every day, I think I could be forgiven.

I installed it this morning and despite a slight hitch with the ‘grid view / full view’ ajaxy thing I set up on my list pages (as in, the bit at the top of this page for example), the installation was as smooth as you’d expect with a WordPress upgrade. Something went wrong with a page outside of the blog directoy that was requiring ‘wp-blog-header.php’ at the top if it. I switched it to ‘wp-load.php’ and it seems fine. Odd. But apart from that, kudos and props.

Peep the video tour thing below. I haven’t actually started playing with anything new just yet but I’ll get there. Actually, I did just do a mass plugin update which is a massive improvement from the 1-by-1 system of 2.9. But anyway, update now you WordPress fans!

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