‘move_lachine’ on flickr

More flickr goodness to share. I favourited a few of these photos when I first saw them, but felt like it was worth highlighting a few others here.

move_lachine‘ (aka Thomas Birke) doesn’t actually have that many photos on his flickr page, and doesn’t seem to update all that regularly but some of the stuff there is gold. Specifically, a batch of long exposure light trail type of things are what’s currently floating my boat. Behold!

Makes me want to go out to a bustling metropolis and take photos. Shame I live in Dorset really.

Hong Kong #67 -drumscan Hong Kong #44 -drumscan Hong Kong #80 -drumscan Hong Kong #77 -drumscan

There’s also some more ‘ordinary’ shots in there, as well as ones from Tokyo and Paris. He gets around a bit. I’m a fan.

Hong Kong #108 - this is it Tokyo #50 prescan

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