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Mississippi River Road trip

Earlier this summer, we went on our bi-annual American Road Trip (#4), this time opting to follow the course set by the fourth longest river in the world: the Mississippi. Ostensibly, there is a road that runs parallel to the river (The Great River Road) but in reality, it was harder to stick to for the whole trip than you might think. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t necessarily run through all the places in the vicinity that you might (and we did) want to visit. On occasion, we ventured miles away from the river itself, but the essence was there and besides, the main point was to go from the top of America to the bottom. Which we did.

Rather than waffle about it here, I’ve made a special page for it where not only do I waffle, but I include plenty of photos that were taken on the journey. There’s also a video that I made, comprised of short clips filmed on my phone throughout the whole trip. It’s a lot of road, but that ought to be expected a little from a trip like that. Anyway, go and look at the site – if you’re on a nice browser, you should see some animated stuff with the background map. If not, your loss yo! Or of course, watch the video below here, or look at the photos on flickr in my ‘mississippi river road trip‘ collection.

Mississippi River Road Trip from matt northam on Vimeo.

Visit my Great River Road trip microsite at

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