My favourite photos from 2011

It’s a bit late to be making this kind of post, being as it is,  March 2012. But, I kept delaying it on the basis that I’ve got far too many photos from 2011 that I haven’t actually sorted through yet. I have at least made it through the bulk of them (i.e. the photos from our ‘epic west coast road trip 2011‘), so with that done, couldn’t wait any longer to make this post. So here it is. My favourite photos from 2011, as taken by me.


Embarrassingly, I have to start this selection with a photo that I actually took at the end of December 2010, because I didn’t take any photos in January that are very good. Not that this is great, but it’s better than the Jan options. I’d like to say this was taken whilst trekking around Tibet, but it was actually at Marwell Zoo during one of our bi-yearly visits (it’s a great zoo, highly recommended btw :)). I don’t know what this Snow Leopard was growling at, but even from behind the fence 20 foot away, it was terrifying.



Another quiet month for photos means that I’m forced to go with something that I’m not a massive fan of, but meh. Casual stroll on a brisk winter’s day, around Avon Heath where there were a fair few flooded paths. My feet got wet.

wet trees


I went to the Carnival in Venice and somehow, amidst the madness, managed to get a fair few photos that I could’ve happily chosen for here. I’ve gone for this one of a cloaked couple disappearing down one of Venice’s many (many, many) alleyways.. It was a quick shot as we stumbled around ourselves, and despite not having the time to prepare for it properly, I’m quite pleased with how it came out.

shadows in the dark


At this point, I was still managing to keep up with my 365 project, and this photo comes from that. I eventually got bored of the shit quality from my iPhone, and also just forgetting to do it, so stopped.. But I do like this photo from Sandbanks ferry. I wouldn’t pay millions to live there, and I still don’t understand why people do, but it is nice for a day out.



Seem to have spent a lot of time at home in May.. Or at least, didn’t take my camera anywhere else, because the only photos I have in Lightroom are of cats and chickens. This is one of our cats, ‘Wack’. He’s a cat of simple pleasures. Here, he’s transfixed by a piece of paper being dragged across a bed. Oh to be a cat. Life would be so much easier.



June and July were always going to be difficult to narrow down, as they’re the standard holiday months, and I definitely took more than my fair share of photos. None that I like as much as this though. We stayed at Crater Lake for a night – just a couple of weeks after the road to the lodge had re-opened after the ridiculous amount of snowfall they have every winter. So, the snow was very much still around, and it made for a glorious setting as we enjoyed being cut off from pretty much everything. Watching the sun set over the deepest lake in the United States, surrounded by snow, with a cocktail, is one of my favourite memories of the trip and though this photo doesn’t really do it justice, it’s the best I could do.


We ended our trip in L.A. and got lucky enough to spend the first week of July in one of those houses in the Hollywood Hills that you see in films. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the place was the view.. and to be honest, from that point, it was the only thing I noticed. Waking up to that every day is definitely something I could get used to and as much as I like my house back here in Bournemouth, I have no problems admitting that the view from my bed doesn’t quite compare.

love this view


Went along to a wedding to take some additional photos for Saeed Rashid and decided that taking pictures of people really isn’t for me. Or rather, weddings or studio shots or anything like that isn’t for me. There’s an art to it that I can’t be fussed with learning, and it’s not that interesting to me. But it was a decent experience and if nothing else, reminded me how much I like being able to take photos for myself, without worrying about pleasing other people because I’m getting paid for it.

master at work


Seemed to end up in London a few times during September, the most memorable of which was for the ‘Future Cinema’ showing of The Lost Boys at Canary Wharf. Complete with a recreation of the Californian beach town of Santa Carla (i.e. Santa Cruz) and 80’s vampires running amok, the event was one of my highlights of the year. I went dressed as a Frog Brother by the way.. Death to all vampires! Scariest bit of the night though wasn’t the fully decked out vampires lair, or eating worm noodles.. It was this big wheel. I’m so bad with heights that it’s a wonder I managed to take this photo, but I’m pleased with how it came out despite having my eyes tightly closed.

from up high


For the second year in a row, the house at Kingston Lacy appears on my list. I don’t know what it is, but I find it immensely photogenic. This year it even inspired us to get National Trust membership, so expect a few more photos in this vein over the next year.

kingston lacy house


After several years of talking about it, we finally decided to just go for it and venture into deepest darkest Devon for the annual Tar Barrel mentalness at Ottery St Mary. I can’t dwell on the details because it’ll trigger the PTSD but I managed to get some photos despite nearly dying – none of which come close to capturing the fear, but they do show the flames.

tar barrel


Ended the year with a weekend jaunt to Brighton for my birthday. Really, if I had to live anywhere else on the south coast, it’d be Brighton in a heartbeat. Even though the beach is a bit rubbish, the town is really great. Visiting in the winter is a bit odd because it obviously thrives on the summer trade, but if anything, I prefer it in the winter, away from the throngs of people that pack the lanes.

beach hut


And that’s that. Plenty more where they came from over on my flickr page.. See if you prefer any of my other photos from those months. Especially in June/July, there’s plenty of contenders if I do say so myself..

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