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Photos from Berlin

It was quite a while ago now, back in February in fact, when I went on a small weekend trip to Berlin during what turned out to be a ‘cold snap’ across Europe. Despite how long ago it was, I remember having to put on at least 6 layers before venturing onto the streets and can confirm that it was very cold.

Since then, I’ve been to the midwestern states of America during a heatwave (I like to travel during extreme weather conditions apparently), and it was during the sorting of those photos (from the US trip) that it dawned on me that I’d hardly looked at the Berlin photos since I took them. So I did. And I thought I’d share some here.

We stayed near Potsdamer Platz, which, like a lot of the city, has a bit of history to it. I’ll always associate it with nearly slipping over personally, but that aside, it was a good location to explore Berlin from.

bahnhof potsdamer platz

Nearby is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (or the Holocaust Memorial).

look up

I’ve been to a lot of German cities before, but it’s only been in Berlin that I’ve really felt the residue left from the World War II. It’s unescapable & odd and yet, appropriate. I think I’d find it strange and a little overbearing to live somewhere (as a German) that is so associated with such an awful period of time but then I suppose there are a fair few English cities that have a few blemishes on their record too.

That said, it also definitely feels like a contemporary modern city too, and it’s a great place to wander.

random berlin street

One quick tip: try not to get caught up in a protest surrounded by riot police. I had no idea what was going on as this mob of people charged down the street toward us, but it turned out that they were protesting against ACTA so y’know, more power to them.


If you’ve never been, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it. Go for tea and cake in the Reichstag. Visit the Bauhaus museum. Have a schnitzel. Maybe even go during Berlin film festival like we did, but book tickets in advance like we didn’t. Or you might end up seeing some sort of 1960’s counterculture piece of tripe. Like we did. Oh, and maybe go when it’s warmer. The snow was fun, and it made the place look nice and pretty but losing feeling in your fingers is never a good thing.

frozen river

siegessaule up the stairs


red bear

Lots more photos over on Flickr in my photos of Berlin set.

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