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I got a new camera

Eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that my last uploads to flickr – a set of images from Kew Gardens last weekend – show slightly different exif data to any photos that I’ve taken before. Specifically, they’re from my new camera, a Fujifilm X20.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one (or rather, getting a point-and-shoot) for a while now, and with an impending trip to France coming up, I finally bit the bullet.


I’m still more than happy with my Nikon D40 and do intend to keep using it, but I just found that recently I’ve not being taking it out anywhere, largely because having to heft it around with the 18-200mm lens I’ve got sat on it is much more effort than I’d like. The amount of stuff I seem to carry around these days now that I have a daughter in tow is ridiculous and the camera was definitely last on the list of necessities.

Taking photos on the iPhone has been really handy, but realising that I didn’t really have any photos from the last 6 months that weren’t on my phone wasn’t great – so I got this.

It wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I’ve lost track of the amount of camera reviews and blog posts I read in the last couple of months trying to work out which one to get. It came down to the X20, Panasonic LX7, Olympus E-PM2 or the Nikon P330. Actually I was considering the X10 initially but the improvements on the X20 won me over. I chose it over the other cameras on my list for all sorts of reasons, but mainly to be honest, because of the way it looks. I’ll admit it’s not what should have made my mind up but you can’t deny it’s a pretty looking machine. It’s even nicer in real life.


2004 – 2006 – 2013. My Fujifilm history.

I’ve also had a small bit of history with Fujifilm cameras. My first ever digital camera was a FinePix S304, and a couple of cameras after that I picked up a S5600 – which I used to take my ‘award winning travel photo‘ in Egypt. After that, I went SLR with the Nikon and haven’t really looked back until now.

So far, my Fujifilm x20 review would read thus: I like it a lot. Taking it around Kew proved to be a nice introduction to getting to grips with it, and I got a few nice images. I’m planning on leaving the D40 at home entirely when I go to France in a couple of weeks, so that’ll be the first real test. Fingers crossed I still like it after that, otherwise it could mean that I’ve end up with some shit holiday snaps!

(Some Kew Garden samples below…)

kew gardens


kew gardens

sunset over kew

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