My favourite photos from 2012

As is customary on this blog, I’ve waited until March to make this post. Don’t ask me why. Behold! My favourite photos (by me) from last year.



Bit of a slow start to the year, with nothing but a quick walk around the Dorset coast to choose from. It’s not the best way to kick of a collection of my favourite images, seeing as I don’t particularly like it much but really, this was as good as it got in January.

rock climbing


Thanks to a hectic weekend in Berlin, I ended up with some nice wintery shots (which you can see all of here), the best of which I think is this of the Siegessaule. We made it to the top (up some seriously spirally stairs) but while the view was nice, it didn’t really compare to this view from the subway below it.

siegessaule up the stairs


I went across to the South East of England for the first time ever, and spent a pleasant weekend in and around Rye. It’s very flat around there. Until you get to the coast of course, where it’s sheer cliffs and a distinct lack of fences. This photo is from a stop at Beachy Head, where I spent most of the time worrying that I’d be swept off into the sea. They say it’s a suicide spot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of those were accidental.
soft ice




Another quiet month (it does get better later I promise), with a short trip to Lacock Abbey as the only real highlight. It’s where they apparently filmed bits of Harry Potter. There’s not much else there to be honest, but it’s a pleasant enough place to idle away a couple of hours.

lacock cloisters



Taking a brief dip into my instagram feed for May, with this from Hurst Castle. It’s a fort on the end of a very long spit jutting out into the Solent and if you’re planning to visit – which I do recommend – the only thing I’d say is: if you’re going to walk along the spit, try to pick a day when it’s not windy. It’s so exposed there, it’s ridiculous. Worth it though, because the castle is actually a collection of various military structures from the last 500 years all rolled up into 1 and it’s actually very interesting to explore

Hurst castle



Cometh the summer, cometh the holiday (and photos). We started our Mississippi River Road Trip at the end of June, and I quickly lost count of the number of photos I took. There are hundreds in this flickr collection, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. I’ll get ’round to sorting them out properly at some point. Anyway, it’s always hard to pick just 1, but I thought that it had to feature the river really, so I’ve gone for this one. The Ford Parkway from Lock & Dam #1, south Minneapolis. Probably my favourite city from the whole trip, and this was one of our first activities in it, so this photo has a certain amount of sentiment attached to it.

ford parkway



The trip continued into July, and again, it’s difficult picking a single photo, especially bearing in mind the range of places we visited. This one though, of Beale Street in Memphis, has always stood out to me for some reason. It’s a fairly empty, normalish street in the day, but in the evenings, it’s a self contained playground of music, alcohol and people (so many people). Sort of similar to Bourbon Street in New Orleans (which we went to at the end of our trip) but without the obscene tackiness and nasty smells. My wife was pregnant at the time, so there was no heavy drinking involved, but it that didn’t stop us from having a great couple of nights soaking up the atmosphere.

beale street sunset


I felt obliged to give my camera a rest after the previous 2 months, so again, this is a measly iPhone contribution. Durlston Castle, near Swanage is rather expensive to visit for what it is, but it does provide a nice starting point for a walk along the glorious south coast. There’s also this globe.




After many failed attempts to get tickets for the Olympics (other than a bit of football at Wembley), we managed to get into the Olympic Stadium to catch one of the last days of the Paralympics. If you didn’t get the chance to go, then really, try harder next time. I’m not an athletics fan by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn’t remotely about that. Just the sense of occasion and feeling part of something extraordinary made the whole day something to remember. And I will. With good memories. Unlike perhaps, this poor Spanish relay runner who dropped the baton in the final.




This month, we spent a long weekend in the Cotswolds (Cheltenham to be specific), an area of the country I’d driven through a few times but never spent any time in. The official tourist board for the region like to say it’s ‘more than just a view‘ and while that’s true-ish, the views are pretty much the best thing about the Cotswolds.

tilled fields



Another month packed with National Trust visits, the highlight of which was Barrington Court – the very first National Trust house. It’s devoid of furnishings but is still a very impressive house. I’d live there. Or at least, I would if it didn’t have the creepiest gallery ever running along the entire top floor. They ought to run ‘fright night’ style trips there; it’s perfect for it.

creepy gallery



Last, but most certainly not least.. My baby daughter arrived on the 22nd of December, and I’d be failing in my duties as a parent if I didn’t choose this photo. Taken a few hours after she was born, when she was still tiny and quiet and I had no idea of what the following months would bring (lots of joy and fun, obviously).

Tiny hand



I’ve already noticed a distinct lack of camera action since she was born. Or rather, I haven’t taken photos of anything except her. So I may have to change this annual post to ‘my favourite baby photos of 2013‘ but we’ll see. There’s plenty of time left for me to get used to carrying a baby and a camera at the same time!

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