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If you haven’t already, you should definitely download the Yahoo! Weather app (iOS / Android). Being British, I obviously spend a lot of time talking about the weather, so I’m constantly checking for updates on my phone. I used to be happy enough with the bog standard iOS app and despite the massive amount of alternatives, I was never really fussed about changing. It’s the weather. In app form. What more do you need(?)

Photos are what you need, as it turns out. And that’s what this app gloriously provides. Well, most of the time it’s glorious, but sometimes you question their quality control techniques. All of the images are taken from a corresponding Flickr group, which features (in theory), only the better photos submitted. I can say that, because I’ve had about 20 photos accepted, all of which are of course, amazing. And that’s the actual reason that I got the app: just to see my own photos in situ. If it’s slightly cloudy in Atchafalaya, fair weather in Messina, or cloudy and near dusk in La Crosse, then it’s my photo that you’ll see on the app.

The more popular locations have more images to randomly choose from, so there are plenty of photos that I also have in the group which I haven’t seen used yet (I’ve been checking hourly). LA, Las Vegas, London, Paris etc.. I’m sure they have thousands to choose from. But if you happen to be checking the weather for the obscure mountain town of Enna in Sicily and it’s ‘mostly cloudy’, then you get to witness my mad photography skills, and that’s enough for my ego for now.

yahoo-pahoa yahoo-messina yahoo-la crosse yahoo-enna yahoo atchafalaya

Update: May 2013. Few more photos popped up!

yahoo-pahoa yahoo-duluth yahoo-philo yahoo-seal-beach yahoo-snowshill

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