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bye bye Pantone, hello generic colour tool


A couple of years ago I rather hastily made a web page on that internet which allows people to upload images and select various colour values from it. One of those values was the Pantone colour, so I called it ‘Pantone Pickr’ because I liked the alliteration.

You may have seen it. Feel free to read more about it if you haven’t. Once I’d uploaded it, I pretty much forgot all about it and it’s not been touched since. Or rather, it’s not been touched by me since; it has been used by all sorts of other people however. Not a huge amount mind.. Just 15,000 visits, roughly 4,000 image uploads, and a handful of occasions where the link has been shared. I’ve even had a couple of offers to ‘sell the code’ but seeing as most of ‘the code’ is already out there, that’d be a bit odd. Anyway, it gets enough traffic to indicate that there’s some sort of interest in it but it’s obviously nothing groundbreaking.

Either way, if you were to visit the old URL now – you’ll see it redirects and there’s a brand new title for my modest little tool: Colour Pickr. Catchy isn’t it(?) I’ve even gone with the UK spelling to alienate a whole gang of potential users.

colour pickr

Most of the functionality is the same as it was 2 years ago, minus the all important Pantone value. The reason for this is simply because I had no particular right to use Pantone Colours © ™. I knew that at the time, so I had even included a little apology on the page, but apparently that wasn’t enough and last week I got an official request from the colour people to remove all references to Pantone Colours © ™. It’s fair enough really, and I don’t dispute their claim to their own work, but it does ruin my alliterative title and render the project fairly null and void. There are plenty of simple colour pickers out there, but there aren’t any free tools to easily pick Pantone Colours © ™. (Or at least, there weren’t, but I have just found this shameless attempt at cashing in the whole thing. It’s nowhere near as nice as mine was).

So fuck it. It was only meant as a quick cobbled together test to see if I could actually do it – and I could – so that’s all that matters really. I just wanted to write this up in case anyone wondered why I dropped the raison d’être of the site and to remind myself that no matter how inconsequential a tiny little webpage may be in the scheme of things, if someone thinks it’s losing them money somehow, they’ll come after you. Can’t escape the man.

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