Code Club Week 3

An ongoing attempt to keep track of my Code Club volunteering, so that if I do it again, I’ll do it better.

The eponymous witch

Project 2 is Whack-a-Witch; something which seemed to spark all sorts of excitement when I mentioned its name. Again, the effect of previous CC attendees proved to be positive! I’d intended to hand out worksheets and stand back today but alas, I actually forgot the handouts, so this was another one led from the front.

The benefit of doing that is being able to control how fast the session goes (in terms of making sure that everyone is at the same point before moving on) but clearly, it’s not ideal so I’ll definitely be running with the worksheet format next week. But anyway, we did manage to complete the game and still had time to spare, so a bit of customising was done by the more eager kids. The others just played on their game at the end and tried to beat each others scores. 47 points in 30 seconds (with 3 witches giving 1 point each) was the best legit one I saw. Plenty of people cottoned on to how to increase the number of points each ‘kill’ gave, so there were some ridiculous scores on show, but it was great to see how easily they worked that out.

Something they didn’t work out so easily was how to add multiple witches. Or to be fair, they did, but pretty much everyone who tried to jump ahead and do so early on before I’d even mentioned it (kudos for enthusiasm) duplicated the sprite too soon and therefore didn’t have the full set of scripts for each witch. 1 student went so far as to add all the scripts to each sprite individually which gives him points for persistence at least.

The main issue from today was nothing to do with Scratch – more one of behaviour. I don’t know, maybe they’re just getting sick of my voice, but there were 1 or 2 slightly [how you say?] restless children in the group. I consider myself a fairly patient person so it was neither here nor there to me, but I could actually see a few others look a bit annoyed at the interruptions. Obviously, with me leading the session for the whole group, those interruptions have a significant effect on how fast everyone else can move on so it’s something I’d like to get on top of. Yet another reason to let everyone work at their own pace from the worksheets! All in all though, I was impressed with everyone today. Really positive week.

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