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Code Club Week 5

An ongoing attempt to keep track of my Code Club volunteering, so that if I do it again, I’ll do it better.


Picking up from where we left off on the ‘fireworks’ project, most people only had a few steps left to do so I assumed that we’d be done fairly quickly. However, the black and white print handouts from last week proved to be a slight trip hazard again and some of the blocks were a bit tricky to make out. Thankfully though, a couple of trailblazers managed to whizz through the remaining tasks and finish their games – before helping me help everybody else. It’s so much easier when you have people within the group able to help the rest, and it was much appreciated after the hectic dashing around of last week.

The one confusing part about the game, is the very last task of switching from a ‘broadcast’ block to ‘broadcast and wait’. Quite a lot of questions about why they didn’t just use ‘broadcast and wait’ in the first place, which is fair enough really.

Before long, everyone had completed the worksheet, and there was ample time to start customising their games. Pretty much everybody concentrated on changing the sprites – one ended up with bursts of squirrel faces in the sky in place of fireworks, which was surreal but undeniably funny.

Because we’d successfully managed to complete this (and the previous 2 games), we spent the last 10 minutes of the hour distributing the level 1 certificates. It’s a definite highlight of the whole CodeClub experience, being able to give out these small bits of paper that cause so much joy! In colour and everything.

There’s no session next week as it’s half term, and then we’re back for 1 more final club meeting before this particular group have finished. Not really sure what we’re going to do in that to be honest, as it doesn’t seem worth starting the next level before knowing whether they’re going to ever continue. Or maybe it is, to give them a taste of what else they can do. We’ll see..

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