Code Club Week 6

An ongoing attempt to keep track of my Code Club volunteering, so that if I do it again, I’ll do it better.

As I mentioned last time, this session was the last for this particular group and came after a week off for half term. I did toy with the idea of kicking off with level 2 of the curriculum, but ultimately decided against it because it seemed odd to make the jump not knowing if this group would ever continue. So instead, I tried to encourage them to start looking at other projects on the Scratch site and think about how they’d been made – and in fact, look at how they’d been made and think about how they could achieve the same sort of thing.

It started quite well, with a lot of excited chat whenever someone found a cool project. Some people decided to work on their old projects, and a couple started to make their own games, which was nice. But it all fell apart as soon as someone stumbled on the Minecraft project. Suddenly, everyone was on Minecraft. There was no reaching them at that point. I had no idea Minecraft was such a crowd pleaser.


It’s quite amazing that someone has built it in Scratch, and it actually led to me being able to show them the code behind the project and blow their tiny minds at the idea of having more than the 30 or so blocks of code that we’d been producing. There must be thousands and thousands of blocks in that project; it’s loco. Give it another 3 or 4 weeks, and I’m sure that the kids in this group will be producing things at the same level. Right(?)

Anyway. We eventually managed to pry them away from Minecraft and ended with a short chat about all the things we’d covered in the last 6 weeks, and what they could expect if they decide to continue. Everybody was up for coming back for more at some point, so it’s down to the school now to arrange something. We’ve got a total of 30 kids who have completed level 1 now, and apparently ALL of them want to carry on. I’m taking that as a positive. I’m just not sure how we’ll accommodate them all. Presumably running level 2 + for the first set of children next is the fairest way, then return to this current set and do the same thing with them. At some point, I’m guessing that we might be able to merge the groups but that relies on some dropouts, which doesn’t seem to be happening. Gift and a curse.

So that’s it for this bout of Code Club. As with the first group, it all seemed to go well! Definitely a bit smoother this time ’round, thanks to the fact that I felt a bit more confident in what I was doing, but also perhaps a little bit because the kids in the group seemed slightly more engaged with it. I’m looking forward to seeing how they progress. I’ve had a go at the level 2 projects and while it obviously builds on level 1, there are some jumps in there that might take a bit of explaining. We’ll see!

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