Blue planet, Limmy, and dollhouses


Blue Planet II. Such a delight. I don’t have the words for it – you need to let your eyes feast on it.

Listening to

Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast Episode 146 – Limmy. (I’m not cool enough to call it RHLSTP). Do love a bit of Limmy, mostly because I think he’s hilarious, but also because he’s a famous person who used to make things in Flash and knows what HTML5 is. He’s one of us me!

Dollhouses of St. Louis on 99pi. Who knew ‘brick rustling’ was even a thing(?) Not me. Went into this thinking it would literally be about doll houses, but turns out it’s a name for ‘real’ houses that have had their sides taken off (the bricks stolen) so they look like doll houses. Of course. I’m amazed that this even happened to actual physical houses, but it sort of makes sense when you hear about the potential money involved.


FFCONF. Learning stuff and all that. Expect a better write up shortly.

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