Blueprint, ice ships, and green ruins

Listening to

Blueprint on The Cipher. It’s an old interview, with someone who tbh, I haven’t listened to a lot lately, but I’ve got a lot of love for Blueprint. It’s a wide ranging conversation, from way back when I first heard him with Illogic (in 2000?? doesn’t feel that long ago!) right up to his work with Rhymesayers and it’s well worth a listen. The chat about Eyedea is worth it on it’s own, but ‘Print talks a lot of good talk in general.

99% Invisible Mini-Stories: Volume 3. A condensed shot of 99pi goodness, with a chunk of shorter stories mashed into 1 episode (I love these collections). The first one in particular – about Operation Habbakuk, a warship made of solid ice – sounds insane and amazing.

There’s also a story about this thread on twitter which you may have seen (especially if you follow me, I enthused about it at the time) which talks about how the Colosseum in Rome used to be covered in all sorts of plants and greenery. It’s bizarre for me to try to think of it in any other form than it is today, but when I did, I think it would actually look better slightly overgrown. Made me think a lot about our perception of history and whatnot.. it’s so easily shaped by relatively simple decisions.


Passion of the Weiss Best Albums of 2017. One of the few end of year lists I’ve read and got something out of. It’s been a good year for music – I’ll try to do some sort of round up of my own in a bit, but for now, that list is a good start.


Oh, and Happy New Year :)

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